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I am upset that you any got hate mail. I would never think of doing that, I have got better things to do with my time, like living a life. Its weird how people react to other's popularity, like they are still at high school and act so immature. I don't suppose my telling you that your beauty is obvious (it shines from deep within you, outwards) and your style and integrity are what scare those people the most. Don't give up shining your light - its gorgeous.

It wasnt too big of a deal, just annoying when Im trying to talk to someone and my inbox gets flooded. But thank you for your kind words :)

Im changing my tumblr

If you want to know my URL message me off anon

Regarding deleting your blog. A fresh start is always nice. I'm glad to see you are back.I read your response to the person who asked why you deleted. Something struck me and I just wanted to give you my perspective. I'm not going to go into why people send hate mail and such but it seemed odd to me that you cared about it. Anyway, every few days my mailbox is filled with junk mail. But I just throw it away. So, if some stranger sent me hate messages on here it would be just as easy to not care.

I was blocking all the hate mail I got. And noticing that the ammount of messages I was recieving was growing exponentially. I was becomming too popular too quick.

And I couldnt keep up a convo with someone because their message would get lost and I assumed they never replied :(

Also I was getting some fans that creeped me the fuck out, I cant take the pressure of being popular, guys were waiting for my replies and felt as if we had some connection because I privately replied. One dude made a tumblr just so he could follow me. He found a picture of me on his friends computer and fell in love with me… D: scary.

To top it off a girl who has a blog very similar to me said she was recieving 1/3 hate, I dont want to ever put my time into blocking each message. Id rather just delete my Tumblr and start over again

What happened to your blog? :o

I got too popular, so many people were sending me messages and getting pissy if I didnt reply. And then I started getting hate mail, wtf did I do to deserve hate? Because I have a nice body and like to show it off? But whatever, back to being a noob, but I already have 15 followers lol